is an online platform where Iranian Doctors (with & without a website) can create a profile and advertise their business to generate more leads.

    • Audience: A lot of people looking for Doctor – search online
    • Exclusive: 5 Doctors/state limit (except CA)
      • First Come, First Served!
    • Marketing: We advertise online & offline
      • Instagram in 2024 (TBD)
      • Magazines in 2023
      • Music Radio in 2022

The Why?

We created the largest Farsi Speaking Doctor directory in order to help the Iranian community flourish in North America by providing a platform where patients can connect to Doctors who speak their language, know their culture, better understand their needs, in order to help them heal and make better decisions in their lives.

  • People prefer to get help people that speak their language & whom they can trust!
  • They prefer a doctor that speaks their language (Persian/Farsi) and knows their culture! Someone that they can trust & connect with better!
  • Health is one of the most important part of people’s lives! Therefore people prefer to work with doctors with the same culture, background …