The activity of Iranian doctors in Toronto, Canada

Canada’s medical system is decentralized, meaning that it has made for the provinces under the Canadian Constitution. Therefore, each province adjusts and implements its rules according to its needs. That’s why an Iranian doctor applying to work in Vancouver has to pass four tests for acceptance, but in Alberta, he will have only one test.

Iranian Doctors in Canada

In Canada, studying medicine includes a four-year bachelor’s degree in basic science. After graduating from this course, a four-year medical education course begins.

Come to Toronto, Canada, as an Iranian doctor. You will eventually have to go through a three- to four- or six-year residency period, which will be determined based on the specialty you have chosen.

Residency period for the medical field in Canada

The most residency period is about five years old. The period for internal medicine doctor and pediatrician course is about four years. A student can take a course in general internal medicine or general pediatric medicine or fellowship in the final year of study.
A small number of the residency period, including heart surgery, neurosurgery, and some general surgery courses, can take up to six years. After all the residency period, there are also sub-specialty courses.

The medical field in Canada is one of the most reliable fields of study globally, and 12 of Canada’s 17 medical colleges are among the top 200 in the world.

If a person intends to apply for a residency, he or she should know that will face limitations, and if he or she fails to obtain the required rank in the specified areas, he or she must complete the course in his or her home country.

All postgraduate residents and all doctors must have a study permit or work permit from the provincial or district medical system in which they are studying or intending to work.

Iranian doctors in Toronto are often in good condition. Given the perseverance and ability of Iranian doctors, they can easily make progress in their job. The level of scientific success of this group of our compatriots in Canada is significant.

According to a 2001 study, the lack of doctors will be significant in the next decade. Canada now needs at least 5,000 doctors to start working in their fields. Also, at least 10,000 Canadian doctors will be needed in the coming years. Of course, Canadian universities have now increased their medical capacity, and new medical colleges have built.


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