The activity of Iranian doctors in California, USA

You may be interested to know that the education, income, and social activity of Iranians living in the United States is higher than the average of the rest of the people in this country.

If we do not consider all the Iranian immigrants living around the world and consider only Iranians living in the United States, we will face a large number. However, let’s consider only the successful Iranians living in this country, and put aside business people, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, senior and executive managers, writers, artists, scientists, and cosmologists and basic sciences, and only focus on qualified and famous doctors living in this country. We will again see a long list that it is impossible to put all of them in one file.

Iranian doctors living in California are among the most proficient doctors in the United States and have saved the lives of millions of Americans over the years.

Iranian doctors living in the United States have formed an association called the American Medical Association of Iranians in the United States, which operates in eight different states. This association has officially started its work in 1993.

A census conducted a few years ago found that more than 9,000 Iranian doctors and specialists are working in the United States, which is a significant increase.

The medical labor market in the US

There are many reasons for young people to study medicine. Perhaps one of the most important reasons for this is the large labor market that these people imagine for themselves after graduation.

After graduating from medical education, you can work in hospitals, scientific institutes, clinics, and health care centers, or become a member of the medical department of a professional field.

Some doctors manage medical services in the economic sector or are involved in judicial and legal matters to protect patients’ rights and identify medical mistakes.

One of the great benefits of this academic field is that the knowledge and work of doctors around the world are the same that means that after graduating from Medical College, you can work in any hospital around the world. This feature is impossible in other fields, mainly if you have studied medicine in the United States. You can consider Iranian doctors in California who have the most up-to-date and creative surgery methods and treatment in most medicine branches.


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