The process of the presence of Iranian doctors in Canada

Immigrating to Canada is the only way to enter the Canadian medical system. Having a strong resume and a good letter of introduction will also significantly impact your acceptance. The importance of a Strong resume is even more magnificent than the scores obtained. Good work history will make your resume stronger. Even as a doctor’s assistant, familiarity with the Canadian medical system is critical to being accepted into this system.

To study medicine in Canada, the university is very important, and you must be a resident in Canada. Twelve universities of Canada’s 17 medical universities are among the world’s top 200.

Canada’s importance to its people’s health has led it to be more strict in selecting and accepting doctors from other countries.

The enormous responsibility of a doctor in Canada makes diagnosis very difficult. If a doctor in Iran spends only a quarter of his or her time diagnosing the illness, they should spend four times that in Canada on each patient.

In addition to all these issues and sensitivities, it should be noted that the ratio of the Iranian immigrant population to the Iranian doctors in Canada is 14, and this ratio is much higher than the need for an Iranian doctor in Toronto, Canada.

Admission to Canadian medical university

Familiar with Canadian English is required for international students to communicate with individuals and meet their needs. Of course, Canadian universities also offer Canadian language courses for international students. Admission to medical universities in this country is very competitive and limited.

All Canadian universities have Admission restrictions for medical courses. Those with a stronger resume and a valid language certificate have a higher chance of being accepted to a Canadian medical university.

One of the most reputable and old medical colleges in Canada is the Toronto college, which had founded in 1843 and has an international reputation. Admission to this university is a vast opportunity for Iranian doctors in Toronto.

The benefits of studying medicine and dentistry in Canada include international accreditation of university degrees, the possibility of studying in English, affordable costs, teaching courses according to international standards, and having the best facilities for studying and living.


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