Iranian doctors in San Diego, USA

Undoubtedly, studying medicine in the United States due to its best and most creditable universities in the world is the first choice for students from all over the world.

The conditions for studying medicine in the United States may vary depending on the specialization of the applicants. In total, medical education in the United States takes about 11 years for an applicant to obtain a medical license. The bachelor’s degree has been completed in 4 years. Then spend four years in medical college for theoretical training. Finally, they spend about 3-7 years of internship before receiving a medical degree.

Studying medicine in the United States

Medicine has always been at the top of the list of the most popular fields of study. If you ask kids about their future careers, their first answer will often be “becoming a doctor.”

List of the best Iranian doctor

List of Iranian Doctors in the US

However, despite the vast popularity of this field, a small number of people are accepted in the medical entrance exam every year. In addition to the high prestige and respect it brings to a person, this field is also difficult and stressful.

Acceptance in the medical field and the continuation of this way require important factors such as high interest, great intelligence and diligence, public relations and high listening power, responsibility, sympathy, being up-to-date, high work pressure tolerance, and management skills. Of course, you can’t be a good doctor without each of these features.

Medical students in San Diego must take a seven-year course in general medicine, including basic sciences, physiopathology, and internship, after being accepted and studying in the field. If they have accepted in their desired specialized field, they will start a two- to four-year specialization course.

The medical education system in the United States is different from that in European countries. Despite the high cost of medical education in the United States, the various benefits and advantages of studying in the United States should not be ignored. One of the advantages of studying medicine in the United States is the possibility of working as a doctor in any country without a qualification test. It’s because of the great credit of the American Medical Degree, which is accepted by most countries in the world.

Iranian doctors in San Diego can consider all available conditions and then decide to stay in the United States and work as doctors.


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