Immigration of Iranian doctors to Montreal, Canada

Immigration and visa requirements vary from country to country. In Canada, we also face several types of visas, including tourist, work, study, etc. visas.

If you plan to immigrate to Canada as a doctor, it is best to use a work visa. If you have received a job offer from Health Centers of Canada, admission and immigration requirements will be more comfortable.

Immigrate to Canada as a doctor

To work in this country, Iranian doctors must first obtain a valid medical degree from a universally approved university and then apply to the Canadian Medical Council for a license.

Top Iranian Doctors in Canada

To become a professional in this field, you need to take a medical course in Montreal.

After this step, you can apply for a license from the Canadian College of Physicians, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Quebec College of Medicine.

Of course, keep in mind that immigrating to this country will cost a lot, and you need to prepare yourself for these costs in advance.

– Cost of document certification

– Cost of translating documents

– Report (ECA)

– Application fee for (MCCEE)

– The cost of the MCCQE in the Canadian Medical Council is the first part

– The cost of the Preliminary Test (MCCQE) in the Medical Council of Canada Part II

These are just part of the cost that you have to pay.

If you want to accept an Iranian doctor in Montreal, Canada, you must do the right thing.

It is better to send the documents from a reputable institution because, in this case, your request will process more quickly.

It is possible to pass the first stage of the preliminary exam in Iran, but being in Canada is essential to pass the second stage.

Once you have taken all the general licenses, you must apply for a work permit. The issuance of a work permit is subject to the supervision of medical authorities. When an applicant meets the medical supervisory authorities’ various requirements, the final step is to obtain a work permit.

You need to find the right conditions for work as an Iranian doctor in Montreal, Canada. After you have received your immigration visa, contact the Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant, the medical license issuer in your province of residence. They will explain to you the required documents and the cost of the licensing process. It has recommended that you do this before entering Canada and adjust your date of departure to Canada based on that.


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