Complete guide to finding an Iranian doctor in Toronto, Canada

Many of us have watched the emigration of many Iranian elites to Canada every year. These people were the ones who received scholarships from the best universities in Canada due to their scientific skills and competencies that gain in Iran. Many doctors and surgeons in Toronto, Canada, fall into this category.

A significant part of doctors working in Canada is Iranians.

Best Iranian Doctors in Canada

Due to the Iranians’ excellent situation in Canada, the number of students migrating to Canada has increased significantly in recent years. Those with dreams of becoming a doctor and education in this field through Canada’s education system often have a bright future. But to become a doctor, just studying in this field will not be enough. Competent and capable doctors suffer a lot to achieve this scientific degree.

Medicine is a popular and stressful field that has many specializations and branches to study.

The medical system in Canada 

Canada’s medical system is decentralized. Therefore, each province adjusts and implements its rules according to its needs. For this reason, an Iranian doctor applying for a job in Toronto may need to take four tests, but the same doctor in Alberta will only have one test.

In Canada, both federal and provincial departments are involved in medical programs. The federal is responsible for finance and support programs, and at the same time, holds the main medical exams of federal or Canadian medical systems. The province departments determine their main medical and health policies independently.

According to statistics released in 2018, Canada is facing a severe shortage of medical staff, which is why its universities have increased their admission capacity in medical courses. Toronto Medical University is one of the top 200 universities in the world.

Immigrating to Canada is the only way to get into Canada’s medical system, and Canada does not use doctors with any citizenship or temporary residency in Canada for medicine. Unless you are a prominent person, the Canadian medical system needs you.

Iranian doctors in Toronto have always been among the best doctors in this country and considered by the scientific community.


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