A complete guide to finding an Iranian doctor in Los Angeles, USA

It is said that the number of Iranian doctors in Los Angeles is more than 1,400. Some of these doctors have immigrated to the United States in recent years, and others have moved to study. Iranian doctors in the United States have set up a medical association called the American Iranian… Read more »

Iranian doctors in San Diego, USA

Undoubtedly, studying medicine in the United States due to its best and most creditable universities in the world is the first choice for students from all over the world. The conditions for studying medicine in the United States may vary depending on the specialization of the applicants. In total, medical… Read more »

Iranian Doctors and the Importance of Communication

According to, the purpose of medical practice and profession is to serve the community by continually improving health, health care, and quality of life for the individuals and the population through the effective use of resources. So doctors are an important part of any society. An Iranian doctor is… Read more »