Do you need access to an Iranian doctor in Vancouver, Canada?

The main goal of many people who want to immigrate to Canada is to continue their education at Canadian universities. Meanwhile, medical is one of the most popular and important fields for Iranian immigrants. The decision to study in this field is an important one because getting involved in this… Read more »

Complete guide to finding an Iranian doctor in Toronto, Canada

Many of us have watched the emigration of many Iranian elites to Canada every year. These people were the ones who received scholarships from the best universities in Canada due to their scientific skills and competencies that gain in Iran. Many doctors and surgeons in Toronto, Canada, fall into this… Read more »

The career future of Iranian doctors in San Jose, USA

San Jose is the third-largest city in California, USA. San Jose is a city with various ethnic groups. People living in San Jose consider themselves to different races and ethnicities. Most residents of San Jose are Asian or Caucasian. The most important ethnic groups in San Jose are British, Italian,… Read more »

What is the state of Iranian doctors in Los Angeles?

Iranian doctors are very active in Los Angeles, USA. According to statistics, the United States ranks first in attracting Iranian doctors, and currently, about 8,000 Iranian doctors work in the United States. A specialist’s income in the United States varies widely, from $ 26,000 to $ 5 million per year…. Read more »

The activity of Iranian doctors in California, USA

You may be interested to know that the education, income, and social activity of Iranians living in the United States is higher than the average of the rest of the people in this country. If we do not consider all the Iranian immigrants living around the world and consider only… Read more »