How does the internet help us find a good doctor?

Whether you live in the United States or Canada, you have probably searched for the doctor on the internet at least once. Many sites will guide you in this field and provide you with a bank of doctors in these countries for free, but in the meantime, you should choose… Read more »

What are the characteristics of good Iranian doctors in the United States?

Medicine is a responsible and valuable profession. Iranian doctors must have the characteristics that American society expects them. Characteristics in which this profession is essential. There are many texts and articles about doctors’ traits and characteristics, but studies on these characteristics from patients’ perspectives are limited. As you know, all… Read more »

Immigration of Iranian doctors to Montreal, Canada

Immigration and visa requirements vary from country to country. In Canada, we also face several types of visas, including tourist, work, study, etc. visas. If you plan to immigrate to Canada as a doctor, it is best to use a work visa. If you have received a job offer from… Read more »

The activity of Iranian doctors in Toronto, Canada

Canada’s medical system is decentralized, meaning that it has made for the provinces under the Canadian Constitution. Therefore, each province adjusts and implements its rules according to its needs. That’s why an Iranian doctor applying to work in Vancouver has to pass four tests for acceptance, but in Alberta, he… Read more »

The process of the presence of Iranian doctors in Canada

Immigrating to Canada is the only way to enter the Canadian medical system. Having a strong resume and a good letter of introduction will also significantly impact your acceptance. The importance of a Strong resume is even more magnificent than the scores obtained. Good work history will make your resume… Read more »