A complete guide to finding an Iranian doctor in Los Angeles, USA

It is said that the number of Iranian doctors in Los Angeles is more than 1,400. Some of these doctors have immigrated to the United States in recent years, and others have moved to study. Iranian doctors in the United States have set up a medical association called the American Iranian Association (IAMA) to organize their activities across the United States. The association has been operating in eight different US states and branches for nearly twenty-five years.

History of Iranian doctors in the United States

The United States is one of the world’s leading medical science hubs and one of the world’s leading countries in medical equipment and treatment.

Iranian doctors in Los Angeles have always praised in the United States. These doctors have saved the lives of thousands of Americans during their years of service in this country. Iranian doctors are undertakers and specialists who work in various fields of science.

You may be interested in knowing that an Iranian from Tabriz is known as a reference for nuclear medicine in the United States, and many new nuclear imaging methods have gained their reputation from this Iranian doctor.

Many professors of medicine and teachers at prominent universities in Los Angeles are Iranians. Those who are known not as ordinary doctors but as a Style owner, expert, and Leading in medical inventions.

Resuscitation specialist in the world, the father of child nutrition therapy, inventor of the first artificial inner heart, inventor of nerves and muscles, number one in radiotherapy, inventor of LASIK eye device, the doctor of the lower classes, one of the eight known geniuses in the world, etc. are all Iranian doctors. They are doing research and medicine in different cities in the United States.

Although Iranians are at a very high level in intelligence and IQ, learning science is slow due to the lack of practical training in our country. Therefore, Iranian doctors in Los Angeles and other US states for being at the best scientific level need to study a lot and be active in practical learning. Iranian doctors in Los Angeles often advise medical students and those interested in the profession not to enter the field for financial gain and fame and fortune because a doctor’s income in developed countries is not enormous. Because of this job’s difficulty, there is a need for people who can do it with love.

Source: www.iraniandoctor.org

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